Through a trusted and experienced collaborator there is a conveyancing service offered, also. It is a worries-free process and it is part of the practice of the agency to cover all the steps of any transaction in the real estate area in order to make sure that any client will get satisfactory services.

Property evaluation

If a property evaluation needs to be done, for any reason, then, once again, there is a trusted evaluation office that collaborates with us. It is probably the largest and most serious one in Cyprus. We choose our collaborators after research and proof of work ethics. So, once again, as part of our aim to provide as much reliable service as possible, we have made the best choice in order to rest assured for a trusted result.

Legal advice

In many situations there is a need for legal advice. As a serious real estate office, we want all of the transactions to be according to the law. It doesn’t matter how complicated an issue will be, we always find a way to overcome any potential problem. Our legal consultant is N.Pirilides and Associates, a well known  law firm for its reliability.

Permanent Residence Permit/Citizenship

In collaboration with our legal consultant, we make all the arrangements needed for a Permanent Residence Permit that is offered by Cyprus Government. The main conditions are to be a non-European citizen and to obtain a €300,000+VAT or more property within the Republic of Cyprus. We can also assist you for the Cyprus Citizenship. For that a non-European citizen must obtain a property of minimum value €500,000, that will be will be declared as permanent residence. For more information please contact us or read this article.