Limassol is a city that has met an increasing development during the last 10 years.

Though the actual development in the city had begun a lot of years before caused to a variety of reasons and political facts, with a result of an enormous expansion of the city area, the combination of the foreign and business interest on the city has turned Limassol the last 10 years  into a multiple role centre with the look that the city enjoys today. The result of this development has led to certain districts. These have been active for more that the 15 years, but it is the recent past that has turned particular areas of the city into sought after ones by particular categories of habitants, both foreign and local.
So, we are able today to offer an impression of the areas of the city and the reason why they are of any interest by any inhabitants. There are many sought after areas in the district of Limassol and this is not strange at all, since the city combines many characteristics that meet the demands and life style of different groups of people.

Flimassol-coastlineirstly, Limassol’s coastline, particularly the coastline between the Limassol promenade (molos) and the east coast (including the areas of  Potamos Germasogeias, Mouttagiaka, Agios Tychonas and Moni) has met the interest of many foreigns, who want to be close (walking distance if possible) to the beach. This does not strange us at all, since Cyprus sunny beaches with the clean and warm waters are internationally awarded, including Limassol’s.

It is true that the last decade  the areas within the east Limassol city origins and district (mostly Germasogeia and parts of Mouttagiaka, Agios Tychon, Pareklissia and Moni) are of high interest by foreigners, especially East Europeans and during the last few years an increasing interest by Chinese also. Consequently, the properties within these areas are of high value and are also suitable as investment properties – not to mention the increasing rental prices-.
Secondly, Limassol city centre, during the last decade, has become an international business centre. In combination with other elements – like the Cyprus University of Technology and other private collages, the historical centre and the large investments – the centre of the city has become the vibrant heart of the Limassol. Day and night the city’s streets are alive! That is why Limassol centre is of high investment value and a sought after area with an increased rate on properties prices (especially the areas of the Historical centre, Agia Zoni, Katholiki, Neapolis and other). Yet, any investment should be proceeded with caution, since, not all neighbourhoods within these areas are included in the sought after ones.

limassol areasThe third combination of areas that has met the foreign interest the last decade is the West Limassol district, especially the areas of Pissouri, Souni, and some other villages which lay in proximity to the English bases located in Acroteri. The combination of this proximity with the beauty of the areas and the picturesque traditional villages has turned them into sought after areas for mostly habitants from UK, especially elderly groups. Unfortunately, the last few years caused to financial reasons these groups cannot show the same interest into moving to Cyprus, though there are still a lot.

Now, moving on to locals, there are many sought after areas and the common criteria for them to choose a district is the distance from their jobs, schooling, the newish build areas and the easy access to the motorway or to Limassol centre. Some sought after areas that have met an increasing interest are among others Panthea, Ekali, Agios Athanasios (especially Sfalanziotissa), Germasogeia (Mersinies, Paniotis, Columbia) and Laiki Lefkothea. All these areas are considered  privileged ones and some locations within these areas could be included into the luxury districts also.

The most luxury districts of Limassol which in their vast majority include large luxurious villas are Kalogiri, Mesovounia, Paniotis (Green Area) and some areas of Agios Tychon. Most of these areas are hills which offer wonderful south sea views.  Better the view the higher price on land. Additionally to these luxury districts, there are certain areas which could be included into this group and they could be located in any district, yet they usually offer a nice view or they have a particular location that offers a combination of features.

There are also some other areas of Limassol that meet the interest (mostly locals) and they usually are newish built areas in any district of Limassol, like part of Zakaki district (those with proximity to MyMall Limassol, to the port and some international companies, plus a wish built area with new schools and parks) or some areas of Episkopi and Erimi districts (those on wish built areas with a nice view and quick access to the motorway).

Generally, we could say that Limassol has districts with combine different features and are sought after by different groups. It is important to say that every area and even every neighbourhood or particular location has to be evaluated and someone should not just take in consideration only the district location. That is why an experienced local real estate agent can provide the right information and help into buying land or property in Limassol.