It doesn’t make a difference for what reason you would want to buy plot. It could be for building up your own private residence or to develop a project or even  for investment. Every time you should check for these four things that are important when someone is searching for a plot to buy:


  1. Plot area: The total area of the plot that is written to the official title deed.
  2. Building density and plot ratio (total covered area). These factors are extremely important, because they define how much area can be covered by a building or buildings and how big the house could be (also check for floors permitted).
  3. Land conformation: Sometimes soil quality or a slope land could cost a lot extra money or need a special design in building.
  4. Title deed: The most important thing to check is the title deed (for any property). The title deed does not lie and will tell all the true or false of the plot. Be sure to check for all the owners of the plot (if more than one). If there is no title deed, then it is extremely advisable to assign a real estate agent to check it.


Remember that a real estate agent can help you in gathering all these information and can show you the pros and cons of any property.