Brokerage is a profession with lots of responsibilities that have to do with serious matters on the real estate area. Many issues can occur during trying to buy, rent or sell a property. Sometimes, those issues can cost a high amount of money or can lead to a dead end with your money on the stick. That is why you have to turn to a real estate professional to be your broker and your security. The broker is making a deep search of any property, makes sure to fulfil  client’s demands and always acts on the best interest of the client. Be aware that lots of not licensed (fake) real estate “brokers” are out there and you have to ask for a broker registration and licence number.

A good broker sees what others don’t and protects the interests of the client no matter what.

Property promotion

As the online promotional website of SP real estate agency, Limassol Estates Properties offers a totally free promotion package of any property that is added in the website. More exclusive promotion practices can be a part of a special agreement between the agency and the property owner. Commissions are payable upon sale (upon conveyance) or rental agreement.

Real estate advice

You can expect that you will be offered the best real estate advice, since you will have to deal with a high experienced real estate broker. You will always be advised by a registered agent with deep knowledge of the laws and practises in real estate area. Furthermore, the focus in Limassol district is just a part of the agent’s aim to offer responsible advice for the district and areas that are known road to road.

Property exclusivity

Limassol Estates Properties aims to offer -among with properties that are promoted by other real estate brokers also- exclusive properties that cannot be found nowhere else. This is just a part of the agent’s practices, who wants to offer valuable services both to possible buyers and sellers. Exclusivity means better property promotion and a better deal for the buyer.