The Agency

SPm Land & Properties is a licensed and registered real estates agency by the Cyprus Real Estates Agents Association under the real estates agent’s name Sylvana Patsalidou, who is the founder and CEO of the company SPM LAND & PROPERTIES LTD. The agency acts under the CREAA licence number 388/E with registration number 856.


The owner of website and SPm Land & Properties brand name is Sylvana Patsalidou, who is a licensed and registered real estate agent/broker (Ln 388/E, Rn 856). She has been practicing this profession for more than twenty years and she is one of the most experienced real estate agents in Cyprus. She is an official member of the Cyprus Council of Real Estate Agents and a member of the International Real Estate Federation.

Business ethics

Hard work, knowledge and client satisfaction are basic work ethic criteria for this agency. There is always search that accompanies any property, in order to present “clean” properties to the clients and assure the client’s interests.

Market area

The agency’s practice and services focus mostly within Limassol district. There is a basic target market within the limits of Limassol city and its suburbs, with an expansion to the villages sourrounding the city.

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